Brutal Logo Design Critique 117

Aug 26, 2009 / Erik Peterson

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Brutal Logo Design Critique Cropped Logo

Rui submitted this logo for Brutal, an auto performance and aesthetics shop. He left the following comment about the logo.

“The client’s business is the preparation of sports cars with one of 3 focuses: performance, aesthetics and personalization. Soluo: The type was created specifically for the brand’s name, trying to combine the speed and aggressiveness of auto-sports and the fluidity and sobriety of the designs that the client produces. The coloured accents reflect the 3 focuses of preparation that the client offers.”

The following critique is based on one designer’s opinion and experience. I always appreciate the readers thoughts as well. So, I’ll ask a question of two in the critique, please share your perspective in the comments at the end of this logo design critique.

Design Principals

I like the idea that Rui has created a custom typeface for this logo, however I don’t feel it communicates the characteristics he describes all that well.

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Hometown Soccer 25

Apr 09, 2009 / Erik Peterson

Categories: Critiques Sport

Hometown Soccer Cropped Logo

Scott submitted this logo he did for the Hometown Soccer Club. He included the following commentary along with his submission,

“Hometown Soccer Club is a prospective entry in the Women’s Premier Soccer League, to begin play in Milwaukee, WI in 2010. The tower in the center of the crest is City Hall. The shape of the crest is based on a modification of the FC Barcelona crest and blue and green will be the team’s main colors.”

Design Principals

The logo isn’t terrible by any means, but I think there are some areas for improvement. The inclusion of the city hall tower was a great idea as I’m sure it is an iconic piece of architecture in Milwaukee. However, I think the drawing could be simplified in order to create a more straightforward design.

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