NeonKids Logo Design Revisited 137

Sep 04, 2009 / Erik Peterson

Categories: Critiques Kids

NeonKids Logo Design Revisited Cropped Logo

Back in April I critiqued a logo for a kids group called Neon Kids. Phil (the designer) got in touch with me recently to let me know he had made some changes to his original concepts based the critique here and feedback from the commenters.

From the Designer (Phil)

First off, thanks to all the great Logo Critiques readers who commented on the review of the Neon Kids logo! It has been about three months since the critique was posted. Since then we’ve done quite a bit of work on the logo — including a ton of research, incorporating some very informative user feedback, and of course, we spent lots of time in Adobe Illustrator CS4.

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NeonKids Logo Concepts Critique 46

Apr 28, 2009 / Erik Peterson

Categories: Critiques Kids

NeonKids Logo Concepts Critique Cropped Logo

I received 4 logo concepts, at various stages of completeness, from Phil. He is working on a logo for a children’s ministry called “NeonKids”. The children in this group are from 3-14 years old. Phil had this to say about his project,

“The ministry is going to be called “NeonKids”, with the tag-line “Let your light shine brightly”. Some of the concepts I’ve played around with electricity, lightning bolts, light bulbs since those are some of the elements that are in the general theme the program is looking for.”

Once again, I won’t be following the normal format for critique that I’ve been using up until now. Instead, I’m going to pick two concepts from the group that I think have the most potential. I will critique them and offer thoughts on some other conceptual directions for Phil to explore.

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