PricingWire Logo Design Critique 9

Jun 16, 2009 / Erik Peterson
PricingWire Logo Design Critique Logo

PricingWire Logo Design Critique

Chris submitted his logo for PricingWire and left the following comment,

“The antennae concept is meant to convey maintaining an up-to-date awareness of how pricing impacts the overall performance and brand value of your business. Communicating the value behind your prices, based on in depth understanding of what customers value and are willing to pay for. I am open to other names, but also believe that a company makes its name relevant by the reputation they build based on the work they do (build a brand, maintain a brand, leverage a brand).”

The following critique is based on one designer’s opinion and experience. I always appreciate the readers thoughts as well. So, I’ll ask a question of two in the critique, please share your perspective in the comments at the end of this logo design critique.

Design Principals

I have to say, until I took some time and looked at the PricingWire website, I thought your logo was for a company/website that did price tracking over time similar to PriceScan. I guess what I’m saying is that I didn’t get the antennae concept. Instead I saw something more like trend graph.

I agree that a company makes it’s name and brand relevant by reputation. The logo gets it’s meaning from the company it represents, not the other way around. You can read more on what it takes to make a great logo here.

Question for the readers

please respond in the comments below

Did you understand what the company did when you saw the logo? Did you make incorrect assumptions about what PricingWire is?

Functionality / Versatility

As it stands, the logo is versatile. It’s two color and very bold. Both of which will make for little to no problems on the reproduction front.

Does the Logo Work for the Audience?

I‘m not exactly sure who the customers for PricingWire are, however an educated guess tells me small to medium sized businesses are likely the main customer. The logo may be missing the mark if it is perceived as a pricing trend company instead of a research and consulting business focused on how pricing can affect your business and brand. I actually really like the idea of what PricingWire does, I’m just not sure it is coming through effectively. Perhaps. a more appropriate icon for logo may visually show the concepts thought/research or strategy.

Question for the readers

please respond in the comments below

Do you have any ideas/concepts that Chris can explore for his logo?


While the vertical misalignment of the two words might make the logo slightly different I’m not sure I see good reason for it. You’re already using color to separate the two words, so why not just align both words on the same baseline? Besides, the descender of the ‘g’ doesn’t reach the baseline while getting very close. This leaves the logo feeling unrefined and rough around the edges.


The typeface choice doesn’t feel right to me. As a matter of fact, it feels completely wrong. The bold weight of geometric slab serifs are designed to be noticed but in my opinion often work best for headlines not logos. By choosing a slab serif you have also made it hard for the antennae to appear like it belongs. The contrast of the circle at the top of the ‘w’ and the square serif on the other side just doesn’t feel right. Perhaps a sans serif typeface would better fit this concept. If you really like the slab serifs at least consider a light weight.

Question for the readers

please respond in the comments below

What do you think about the typeface selection? Does it work for you, if not what would you recommend?

Possible Improvements

Designing a logo for yourself or own business is one of the hardest logo designs you’ll ever work on. So what is the best way to improve the logo? Well I think have made some comments above that can certainly offer some direction. Here’s a list of actionable items.

  1. Find a more fitting typeface that compliments what you are doing with the antennae.
  2. Align the text to a single baseline. Currently nothing is being gained from the misalignment.
  3. Consider making the antennae more recognizable as an antennae. Otherwise explore some other concepts that communicate the concepts of research and strategy.

Overall, I think you have a good start on the logo design. And with some refinement you can definitely improve it. Please know that my intention in critiquing your work is not to hurt feelings, but to offer constructive feedback. I hope it was helpful. Best of luck, to you!

I appreciate and welcome your comments, and look forward to hearing from you soon. I purposely don’t cover every possible improvement that can be made to this logo, so go for it if you think I missed anything. All I ask is that you keep your comments clean and appropriate.

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By FBanczak

06.16.2009 at 07:55 PM

FBanczak Profile Image

I really like the clean simplistic design you were getting at and I think it’s the right direction for your logo as a representation of what your audience will relate to. I also think the color choices are refreshingly different than the norm. But, when I opened up the post and saw the logo, I immediately thought it was an online price comparison engine like or My suggestion would be perhaps include “Business Consultants”, “Pricing Strategy Advisors” or something to that effect beneath the PricingWire logo to convey the mission of your business. Another misunderstanding for me was the antenna. I think of XM when I see these (( )). As Erik mentioned, the antenna might be exchanged for a trend graph or arrow to drive home the concept of increasing sales & profit with proper pricing. Unfortunately, the block font reminds me of athletics or collegiate sweatshirt lettering, a clean, bold sans serif might appeal more to your audience. Overall, nice work!


By Chris Hopf

06.16.2009 at 11:20 PM

Chris Hopf Profile Image

Really appreciate the critique / feedback.  Thank you Erik.  I will watch for any additional comments visitors to your site may have.  Thanks again.


By hazy

06.18.2009 at 09:49 AM

hazy Profile Image

I think you have done well with a name that isn’t particularly inspiring or clear. The name is the problem. It immediately invokes a dreary image of putting a value on metal cable. For this reason and contrary to the first critique. I would stay away from the whole ‘wire’ analogy.
Thus, making the design look more like a graph and less like an antenna would help define the concept. This poses the problem of making the design distinctive - how many ‘W’s are about with an arrow on the end? And how many financial analysis companies plump for a graph like design? As brief’s go I think you have a really tough one! Good luck!


By Carson Shold

07.18.2009 at 10:00 PM

Carson Shold Profile Image

It kind of reminded me of the Salesopedia logo,

Aside from that, I think you did a great job conveying the message. I’m not sure if I like the two words being unaligned though.


By divyap

06.05.2017 at 05:28 AM

divyap Profile Image

Good one keep it up…......logo design its really challenging task for designer


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By Mark Scot

02.25.2020 at 02:43 AM

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