Harmony Eye Care 25

Apr 01, 2009 / Erik Peterson

Categories: Critiques Medical

Harmony Eye Care Cropped Logo

Randy submitted his logo for Harmony Eye Care. He included this message with his submission,

“Harmony EyeCare is a brand new Optometry office opening up in southern Indiana. I wanted convey harmony inside the eye itself. The graphic is meant to be a harmonious iris of an eye. I chose a serif typeface for it’s elegance... Caslon seemed to fit well.”

The following critique is based on one designer’s opinion and experience.

Design Principals

This logo is well put together. The subdued color palette and Caslon typeface give off a soothing impression, which fits well with the company name.

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Peg Productions 33

Mar 23, 2009 / Erik Peterson
Peg Productions Cropped Logo

Pez, from Peg Productions, submitted this logo for critique. When asked to explain the logo, Peg Productions said the following:

“We choose the logo because we felt it has quite a clear and simple theme—a peg. This view of a peg is also very striking, as it is often an angle overlooked by people the majority of the time. This shows customers that here at Peg Productions we think outside of the box and see the world in a different way.”
“Also as the logo is very simple in its fundamental nature it can changed and altered to look very graphically intense, or left very simple—as we do on the website and on our invoices.”

Design Principals

When this logo first arrived in my inbox I was honestly perplexed. I couldn’t figure out how this graphic was, in some way, a peg.

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William Dyrcz Attorney at Law 22

Mar 17, 2009 / Erik Peterson
William Dyrcz Attorney at Law Cropped Logo

Andy submitted this logo he is working on for “William Dyrcz Attorney at Law”. As I understand it, this law firm specializes in real estate planning and tax laws.

This logo falls under the monogram category, meaning it’s only the initials of the company. In most cases, the monogram would show all the initials of the company (WDAL). In this case we are just looking at the ‘W’ & ‘D’. There is also no other text displayed with this monogram, which hurts this implementation greatly.

Design Principals

I’m going to assume this is only a rough version of what Andy intends the logo to be. It is obvious the mark was drawn by hand and colored with marker. This would never suffice as final art. I also want to mention, the version that was submitted isn't an exact circle (close but not quite). Either make the mark within an exact circle or make it obvious that it wasn’t supposed to be a circle. As it stands now, it looks like a mistake.

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Like No Other Productions 93

Mar 11, 2009 / Erik Peterson

Categories: Critiques Entertainment

Like No Other Productions Cropped Logo

Andrew from Like No Other Productions submitted this logo for critique. Along with his submission, he mentioned that his company

“...will be making showreels, trailers, commercials, and other misc editing jobs, as well as making my own short films and creative endeavors.”

Andrew went on to say,

“I was drawn to pixel art because it has the interesting property of being able to be scaled to virtually any size without losing its shape; this fits with the sort of work we will be doing; anything for anyone in any medium.”

It's always nice to get some perspective on the designers thoughts before beginning a critique. So without further ado, the following critique is based on one designer's opinions and experience.

Design Principals

The first thing that strikes me when I see this logo is that is hard to read. It really does take a second to make out the word ‘Productions’.

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Bay View Builders 42

Mar 01, 2009 / Erik Peterson
Bay View Builders Cropped Logo

Bay View Builders allowed us to critique their logo. The following critique is based on one designer's opinions and experience.

Let me start by saying, I'm sure the original designer had good intentions. The logo, while needing some work, does at least communicate that Bay View Builders does most likely build residential homes.

Design Principals

Let's start by talking about the overall design of the logo. Visually, the logo appears ready to tip over to the left. The stair stepped typography and the open white space in the lower left contribute to this problem. One way to help solve this might be to put the type all on one line beneath the illustration.

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